Old Pueblo Hemp Co.

Ready to build with Hemp in the desert.

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About us

Old Pueblo Hemp Co. is a Full-Service Residential

General Contractor that specializes in Hemp-Lime construction and the world of Natural Building. 

Why build with Hemp?

There's a better way to build homes in the desert and Hemp is the answer. Typical home building, and the construction industry in general, is unfortunately a combination of carbon emmiting, toxic materials - that will degrade over time, layered onto one another until a low performing structure is built. Hemp-lime construction is a Non-toxic, Carbon Sequestering, Energy efficient, sustainable solution that can offer Fire, Mold and Pest resistance to a home that will actually strengthen over time. 

The real question should be, "Why wouldn't you build with Hemp"?!

Our services

OPH is committed to pushing Industrial Hemp forward by building beautiful, energy efficient smart homes and enpowering the community with the knowledge of Hemp and Natural building materials.

Design Concept

Ready to build your dream Hemp home?! 

Hemplime Construction

OPH can handle all your home construction needs, from small renovation projects and home additions to new home builds.


Get your hands on some Hemp and build something! Connect with your fellow Hempers and learn about Lime construction and the world of Natural Building!

Hemp Products

Coming Soon!